Essential Eligibility Criteria

The mission of BroadFutures is to advance the inherent potential of young adults with learning disabilities in the workforce through partnerships that foster independence, self-advocacy and successful employment. We envision a transformative and inclusive workforce where all individuals, regardless of disability, have an equal opportunity to succeed.

Given that we are a career readiness program, we do not expect interns to engage in extensive physical activity. While we encourage regular exercise as a part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we do not include this as part of our training program. Should we incorporate a more intensive physical activity into our program, it will be volunteer-based unless otherwise stated, and those with physical limitations or disabilities will be exempt from the expectation.

The following are the Essential Eligibility Criteria for the BroadFutures program. If there are any concerns about whether a potential applicant will meet these criteria, please reach out via email to or by telephone at (202) 521-4304.

Essential Eligibility Criteria:

1.  Primary Biographical Requirements

  • Interns must be between the ages of 18 and 26 to participate in our program.
  • Interns must have a documented learning disability or ADHD.
  • Interns must possess a high school diploma and have the cognitive ability to continue onto postsecondary education.
  • Interns must be vaccinated against COVID-19

2.  Independence

  • Interns must be able to work independently at their internship sites.
  • Interns must be able to work 20 hours per week without the aid of a job coach.
  • Interns must be able to transport themselves to and from BroadFutures training, BroadFutures program events, and internship sites.

3.  Behavior

  • Interns must be able and willing to contribute to a safe learning and working environment—no verbal or physical inappropriate behavior towards others will be tolerated for any reason.
  • Interns must be able and willing to comply with the Intern Obligations provided to them in the intern handbook and in the welcome packet.
  • Interns must be responsive to direction.
  • Interns must be highly motivated.

4.  Medication

  • If taking prescription medications, interns must be able to maintain proper dosage by self-medicating without assistance from BroadFutures staff or others, except possibly in emergency situations.
  • If taking prescription medications, interns must be able to take charge of refilling and keeping their medications.
  • Interns must be willing to disclose medications with BroadFutures staff to be kept for emergency records. Medications will be disclosed only with staff members and will be disseminated only in the event of a medical emergency.

5.  Stress Reduction

As part of our holistic training, we incorporate stress-reduction to our curriculum. Our interns take yoga classes, learn mindfulness techniques, work on practicing self-care, and more. Accommodations and modifications for physical and other disabilities will be made to ensure all interns can participate.

6.  Arts Integration

We incorporate drama exercises and role-playing into our curriculum to practice skills learned in training. Interns must be willing to engage in role-playing and improvisation exercises when asked to do so by the drama instructor or BroadFutures staff.