Press Release: BroadFutures Marks First Anniversary, Honors Congressman Chris Van Hollen

Congressman Chris Van Hollen

Congressman Van Hollen is pictured middle with BroadFutures interns

WASHINGTON, November 13, 2015 – BroadFutures, a non-profit organization committed to promoting and facilitating the successful entry into the workforce of young adults with learning disabilities, celebrated its first anniversary and annual fundraiser in early November, also honoring U.S. Congressman Chris Van Hollen (D-Maryland) for his public service to individuals with learning disabilities.
“Congressman Van Hollen has been a staunch advocate for persons with disabilities in and out of the workplace and we were so pleased to recognize his efforts to help broaden the futures of individuals of diverse abilities,” said Carolyn Jeppsen, chief executive officer, president and co-founder at BroadFutures. “We honor his continued work in championing the rights and contributions of young adults with learning, as well as other disabilities.”

Congressman Van Hollen received the BroadFutures Champion Award, which recognizes exceptional individual endeavors in advancing the cause of successful work experiences for young adults with learning disabilities.

Held at the Katzen Arts Center on the campus of American University in Washington, DC, the fundraiser successfully reached its goal of a 40 percent increase from last year for donations and a 35 percent increase in attendance. Guests included disability community advocates, BroadFutures Board of Directors, participating employers and prospective employers, BroadFutures interns and their parents, and donors supporting the BroadFutures mission.

BroadFutures collaborates with employers in the Greater Washington, DC region to fill a gap in the workforce for young adults with learning disabilities ages 18 to 26. BroadFutures provides an innovative training, mentoring and paid internship program. It secures paid internship positions with employers for a period of seven to 12 weeks, and focuses on workplace preparedness, communication, social emotional skills, incorporating speech pathology and drama as a medium for delivering the curriculum. Stress reduction techniques such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness as well as cognitive exercise are regularly integrated into the program. BroadFutures utilizes a mentor/coach model and ongoing group training to ensure the success of both the interns and employer partners. BroadFutures is always looking for interns and company partners. Visit to learn more.###

About BroadFutures

BroadFutures is committed to advancing the inherent potential of young adults with learning disabilities, ages 18 to 26. BroadFutures’ program model uses a unique combination of holistic, individualized training and mentorship, coupled with paid internship opportunities.

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