August Newsletter (2018)

Concluding a Successful Summer 
Celebrating the Graduation of our 9th Cohort!!
Interns & Employers Celebrating Final Presentations & Graduation

On August 10th, we celebrated the successful completion of our largest  program to date. There was a refreshing energy among our interns and employers, stemming from a sense of great achievement for the successes all around. Our interns gained self-confidence while developing new and transferable skills on their paths to professional and personal development.   They surpassed all our expectations, successfully completing their internships,  pushing their limits, and stepping outside of their comfort zones in ways that we never expected.  We are very proud of them!

We are grateful to all of our new and returning employer partners who hosted our interns and provided them with invaluable experiences and critical support. We are also thankful to our parents, staff and donors for their partnership in helping us conclude our summer program. We appreciate those who took time out of their busy work days to come to the final presentations. We feel so fortunate to have this incredible community supporting us!
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 Intern Spotlight: Max Peterson  

This month we are shining the spotlight on one of our Winter 2018 interns – Max Peterson. Max attended Moorpark Community College in California as a History major and worked in the restaurant business before joining BroadFutures. During our program, he interned with the Office of Senator Chris Van Hollen. As an intern in a congressional office, Max supported many aspects of the daily operations of the Senator’s office including creating  case files, answering constituent phone calls, and performing other administrative support. During his internship, Max was able to meet the Senator as well as work in the Capitol Hill Office. 

Max’s employer admired his work ethic, positive attitude, attention to detail, and deeper understanding of his responsibilities. The internship equipped Max with the needed skills to continue on his professional growth trajectory and expand his future career options. He will be returning  to community college in the fall.  Max is a strong supporter of the BroadFutures holistic approach and felt that our program benefitted him both personally and professionally.  When reflecting on his experience, Max said:  “BroadFutures has made me more confident in what I do.”
Employer Spotlight: World Learning
BroadFutures Intern, Devynn Johnson (R), with World Learning’s Chris Iverson 
This was our second program partnering with  World  Lear ning. They first joined as an employer partner this winter, and we were excited to collaborate again with this incredible organization and its amazing team during the summer. World Learning is an international non-profit  organization dedicated to promoting a more peaceful an d just world for over 85 years. Grounded in five key approaches, including experiential learning, leadership development, inclusive practices, innovation, and grants management, World Learning’s mission is to help young p eople find their voices, connect with their communities, and strengthen the insti tutions which aid their emergence as world leaders.

World Learning enthusiastically embraces our mission, and in reflecting on our partnership and the impact BroadFutures interns have had on their organization, Senior Youth Workforce Specialist Catherine Honeyman had these words to share:

We have particularly learned from how BroadFutures prepares employers to receive interns by showcasing their strengths and areas where they may need additional support, and from how BroadFutures offers its interns ongoing mentorship and training support. 

In their projects with us, BroadFutures interns have supported us to gather data on the Pakistani labor market to know which types of skill training programs we should emphasize in our project, organize participant feedback from training programs in Latin America, organize the research and references we draw upon in designing high-quality programming, and analyze where we might expand our services.
Thanks to our past interns, Devynn and Sophie, and to the whole BroadFutures team!”

Thank you to Catherine Honeyman and the incredible team at World Learning. We look forward to an ongoing and successful partnership!!


October 15th, 2018

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Congratulations to our Summer 2018 Interns

We are thrilled to announce that we have graduated our 9th cohort of BroadFutures interns! This was our largest cohort to date and consisted of 28 interns. On August 10th, we enjoyed the chance to watch the interns’ presentations and celebrate their successes with our incredible families and employer partners. Congratulations and good luck to our brand-new alumni!!